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In my mind, of course, the smartest sellers are those who list with David Figueiredo, Because no one can match the training and resources that David Figueiredo, a professional, brings to the job. If you've worked with David before, you can still contact him. Just click here and that old feeling will come back

David Figueiredo Realtor®

Serving Bartlett and the Fox Valley

David has been involved in real estate since 1996 and comes from a family of fine New England builders. Designs and building process were always discussed in the home. Precision and details are the hallmark of good building practices. David does not just take any listing, David feels he must be able to service it. He insists on focusing on these properties he can sell providing the ultimate in customer service; getting the job done. Sold

Building "Synergy"

Not just a buzz word. David is continuously building relationships with banks, appraisers, and loan originators who can best service his clients. David keeps building his core business, driven by the needs of current clients.

Educate Yourself:

While David is confident he can do the best job for anyone selling a home in Bartlett, Illinois, David can do a much better job for those who really understand the selling process. That's why his website offers you the opportunity to get a complete education in home selling. Think of David as your own personal library of selling, financing and maintaining a home.


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